Why Statutory Declaration Witnessing Is Necessary

In the presence of a designated witness, you, the declarant, declare under your signature that the information included in a statutory declaration is true and accurate. By signing Statutory Declaration Witnessing you attest to the information’s accuracy. Should the information be false, you can be charged with a crime.

Who is not able to follow your official statement?

You are not allowed to witness your own statutory declaration, even if you are an authorized witness. If an authorized witness retires or changes careers to something not on the above list, they are no longer considered approved witnesses.

This does not apply to anyone who is on the rolls of the Supreme Court or the High Court. They will remain on the roster indefinitely unless they are taken off of it. An Registering Death Overseas is a written declaration that gives its writer the ability to testify in court or during other legal proceedings. To attest to the truthfulness of the statements made in their affidavit, a person may make a non-religious declaration referred to as a “affirmation” or a religious declaration referred to as a “oath”. In general, it is forbidden to swear to or confirm incorrect information.

The oath or affirmation must be administered by the Consulate, and the affidavit must be witnessed by them. It does not attest to the accuracy or legitimacy of the information or supporting documentation. Complete and you can then sign an exhibit certificate for each of the attachment.

If the statutory declaration refers to any other different document, you will be required to sign a certificate designating the document as an exhibit to the statutory statement. You may obtain the certificate template and the authorizing witness has to sign the certificate and provide their qualifications as a statutory declaration witness for the process.