Why GNS3 labs is very Important

You must apply a variety of topics in the CCNA/ to Cisco routers and switches. Cisco routers and switches are expensive and a CCNA lab that has only the required hardware could cost you at least $1000. You may save this money with gns3 labs.

Software that is free and open-source is GNS3. It enables you to imitate, configure, test, and troubleshoot Cisco devices in a virtual lab environment. You can use it to build a virtual lab where you can test-prep for the CCNA/CCNP exams.

What’s the way GNS3 works?

Client/server architecture is used by gns3 appliance download. Its two components are the GNS3 server and the GNS3-all-in-one software.

The GNS3 client is installed on your local computer and is known as GNS3-all-in-one. Topologies can be constructed and tested using its graphical user interface.

GNS3 is the name of GNS3, the server component. It stores and runs all of the equipment you use for the client segment.The GNS3 server can be set up in one of three ways.

Install the GNS3 server on the local PC as an application.

Make a virtual machine on the local computer, then install the GNS3 server inside of it.

Create a virtual machine on a different host, and then install the GNS3 server on it.

You can pick any choice, depending on your requirements and machine configuration.

The first option is the simplest  as no additional configuration is needed. Use this option if you want to create small networks or only add a few Cisco devices to your network. There is less need for hardware configuration, but fewer devices are supported.

The second choice necessitates the use of a virtual computer and further configuration. If you want to create intricate networks or add a lot of Cisco hardware to your network, you can choose this option. To use this option, you need a laptop or desktop with at least a dual-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and 40GB of free disc space.

The third option is, if you want to add devices from different suppliers or create large networks, you can utilise this option. Administrators test their networks using this option.