The Various Phases Of Medical Chemical Abortions: The Process

Medical Abortions: Different steps of the process The aim of this paper is to outline the different stages of the procedure for entering a new market.

Medical chemical abortion involves three stages of procedure: patient education, medicating the patient or just being attentive to how the patient is recovering.

Medical Abortions: The Different Stages Of The Procedure.

It should always be guided, particularly by a health care provider, the data given should be truthful and the procedures friendly.

Abortion pill is safe and effecting for many women and the option is convenient in terms of the sitting abortions, however, it is crucial to consider the different phases of this process.

This post shall therefore aim at having the lit detail on various stages of medical abortion as well as the experience of any woman going through the process.

What is a medical abortion – Medical Chemical Abortion

Now that we understand the various components that make up a medical abortion let’s get to know what it is all about. Medical abortion is pregnancy termination through the use of drugs The process may involve the use of tablets or pills.

They resort to using two different sorts of a drug, normally within a few days, to end the pregnancy.

The following are the steps involved in a medical abortion: Medical abortion is a process that has several steps and therefore understanding each of the steps is considered crucial.

Knowing what is possible and reasonable at each phase, you will be more prepared as to whether or not it is the wise thing for you to undergo a medical abortion.

1-Pre-Procedure Stage:

In this article, pre-procedure stage on medical abortion entails preparing for the actual process in general. This stage, however, is comprised of few steps; the process of counselling of the patient, the process of obtaining informed consent.

A pregnancy Ultrasound (Sonogram) is used to know to the number of weeks a woman is pregnant or if there is an abnormal Uterine or pelvic shape.

At this stage, the healthcare provider will brief you on the process of taking medical abortion and will address your concerns, if any.

In addition, they will carry out consultation to determine whether medical abortion will be safe for you by checking on your past medical history.

As we advance into the next step, you will be required to fill a consent form in case you go on with the procedure.

-Medication Stage:

The three principal steps involved in medical abortion are the administration of the medication, the termination of the pregnancy and the removal of the products of conception. This stage involves taking of pills or formally known as taking of abortion to bring about the termination of the pregnancy.

There are two different types of medication used in medical abortion: Mifepristone (RU486 or Mifeprex) Mifepristone is a progesterone receptor antagonist that has been used for medical abortion as it binds to the progesterone receptor and blocks its effects.

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Mifepristone is taken first The first is a tablet of mifepristone that is placed in the mouth and swallowed. This medicine counteracts with the hormone called Progesterone, the lack of which will not allow a woman to continue a pregnancy. So if Progesterone is not present, the pregnancy cannot go forward, the cervix becomes soft and the uterus starts contracting.

This is another medication to be taken after the administration of the first product Mifepristone. Ketoprofen is best administered on the same day as Mifepristone or within three days of taking it.

Misoprostol act on the uterus by causing contractions of its muscle that leads to expulsion of pregnancy. It may take anything from 3-6 hours only but takes up to 24 hours in many instances before the pregnancy tissue is expelled through the vagina.

Women fully appreciate the pains and the flow that last from 7 to 10 days but may last from 1 to 60 days Medical abortion differs from plans such as the more commonly known morning-after pill.

The morning-after pill is used to give contraception, while medication abortion is used to end pregnancy.

3-Follow-Up Stage:

Aftercare is the final stage of medical abortion as it focuses more on how the woman is healing from the pregnancy termination procedure. When you are through with the medication, your doctor or any other qualified person in the health field will set an appointment and check on you.

The pregnancy will be successfully terminated during this appointment your healthcare provider will check and ensure that the procedure was effective.

They may also have to do an ultrasound to check for any complications that may be arising from the operation. In certain circumstances, it may be required to add a specific medication.

For instance, if the pregnancy process has not been fully miscarried, your doctor may recommend a second medication to enable the process to be finished (Misoprostol).


Based on this paper, there is adequate evidence by medical experts to support the view that medical abortion is safe and efficient method of pregnancy termination. The procedure involves three different stages: As for the preparations, one must take pre-procedure medication and undergo follow-up.

Before proceeding to have the procedure, you will be educated on what may be expected. In the medication phase, you will be required to take two types of drugs with which will help end the pregnancy.

Lastly in the follow up of the procedure, you will be followed up and closely monitored to determine whether the process was successful.

Pregnancy termination using the medical method should, however, be carried out through the supervision of a doctor. Knee arthroscopy is a safe and effective way to treat many knee problems, but there are always risks and careful medical attention must always be paid.

Thus, the choice of medical Chemical abortion is a personal one, and the experiences of other women, as well as the opinions of doctors, are valuable for making this decision. The Orlando Women’s Center is the best abortion clinic platform for all women who want abortion services.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, know that you have rights – rights regarding your own body and your reproductive choices.

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In any case, if you are to opt for a medical abortion or any other choice, there is always a need to find useful information as well as competent doctors in this field.