How To Use A Disposable Vape Properly?

Due to their ease of use and convenience, disposable vape pens such as the Lost Mary 3500 and Elux Bar 3500 are becoming increasingly popular. They are sleek and small, unlike other e-cigarette types, and do not require maintenance or troubleshooting. But, they are neither completely intuitive nor impenetrable to injury.

 Here’s a guide on how to utilize disposable vape pens and techniques to maximize their longevity.

An Introduction To Disposable Vape Devices 

Vape pens are repackaged e-cigarettes that are smaller and more contemporary in form. They are small enough to fit in your hand and available in a variety of flavors. They use electrical routes to deliver nicotine or non-nicotine e-juice without the harshness of the smoke. 

Disposable vape pens also allow consumers to select the flavor and amount of nicotine they want. If you’re a casual vape pen user, the vaping method is simple, but it’s crucial to understand how these devices function, what it signifies when your disposable vape pen blinks, and so on.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Disposable Vape 

Inhale Calmly 

Inhaling a disposable vape pen activates the battery, which heats the nicotine juice or oil and converts it to vapor. If you are a first-time user, it is critical to inhale correctly and draw in small quantities at a time. Intense vapor intake can cause dizziness and overwork the atomizer, reducing its lifespan.

Do Not Try To Disassemble 

Rechargeable pens allow users to maintain their gadgets, recharge them, and replace the tanks (or pods) with new cartridges as needed. Disposables, on the other hand, are not intended to be recharged or dismantled, and attempting to recharge may jeopardize the device’s safety. While utilizing disposables, it is critical not to attempt to disassemble or recharge the device.

Check The Functionality Of Your Device

Disposable vape pens may or may not contain an activation button. If they do, an indicator light should light up, indicating that the gadget is ready for usage. Nevertheless, some disposable vapes lack an “on” button and must be activated solely by inhaling. 

The indicator light should turn on or flash when you inhale. It is critical to test the device’s functionality soon after purchase since manufacturers employ lower-quality materials, and internal mechanisms may not always function properly. In this situation, the indicator light indicates that the gadget is producing vapor. Just inhale it via the mouthpiece (the little aperture at the top) and begin vaping right away.

Store Your Disposable Vape Correctly 

A 0.5g vape pen will typically last 150 puffs, and a 1g pen would last 300 puffs. Its longevity is also affected by how frequently you use it. It is essential that you correctly keep your disposable vape pen to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and that you get the most out of your investment. You should keep your pen somewhere cool and dry. Excessive wetness or intense sunshine might degrade the device’s functionality and battery life.

But, long-term storage for disposable vape pens is not suggested. Because the cartridge in disposable pens is not replaceable, you run the danger of inhaling e-liquid that has gone bad.


Disposable vape pens are safe to throw away, but they must be disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner. Try out Lost Mary 3500 and Elux Bar 3500 to enhance your vaping experience. These devices are affordable and highly durable.