How to Install and use Fortinet Lab

The Fortinet Lab is a feature created to give users a hands-on learning environment for the Fortinet solution. The fortinet lab online is supported by a fully virtualized environment, which eliminates any hardware dependencies related to physical infrastructure. All Fortinet Products are there for Live, and Interactive Demos.

Online Demo for the Fortinet lab

The FortiGate lab of multi-threat security solutions, which includes viruses, intrusions, inappropriate Web material, and more, detects and removes the most harmful content-based threats from email and Web traffic in real-time without impairing network performance.

The collection of logging, analyzing, and reporting appliances from gns3 download for windows securely combines log data from Fortinet devices and other Syslog-compatible gadgets. Users can filter and evaluate records, including traffic, event, virus, Web content, and email data using a full suite of easily customizable reports, mining the data to ascertain your security posture and ensure regulatory compliance.

Online Demo for the Fortinet Series

Large numbers of FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls may be easily managed by businesses and service providers with the integrated management and monitoring capabilities of the  System.

You have full and complete control over your business telephone communications using all the devices. The phone systems and phones provide everything you need to handle calls professionally, manage communication costs, and stay connected everywhere. They are very simple to use, economical, and dependable. Many phone users per location are best served by it.

Fortinet labs have now introduced the Fortinet Network Security Expert Program as the very best training program for operating, managing, and for all troubleshooting Fortinet devices. With the help of this program, the organization’s stakeholders and all the staff will be better equipped to address all the problems and to get advanced well with the use of the ¬†Fortinet lab Networks.