How Can You Hire the Best Santa Claus for Your Event?

Hiring the best Santa Claus for your event can transform a regular holiday gathering into a magical experience. Whether you are planning a corporate party, community event, or family celebration, the right Santa can make all the difference. According to Rent a Santa, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to hire the best Santa Claus for your event.

Determine Your Needs

Type of Event

Consider the type of event you are hosting:

  • Corporate Events: For large company parties, you may need a Santa who can handle a big crowd and engage with employees and their families.
  • Community Gatherings: A community event might require a Santa who is comfortable with public speaking and can interact with a diverse group of people.
  • Private Parties: For family gatherings, you might prefer a Santa who is great with kids and can create a personal and intimate experience.

Specific Activities

Decide what you want Santa to do at your event. Common activities include:

  • Gift Distribution: Handing out presents to children and guests.
  • Storytelling: Reading classic Christmas tales.
  • Photo Opportunities: Posing for pictures with attendees.
  • Entertainment: Singing Christmas carols or leading holiday games.

Search for Professional Santas

Online Platforms

Websites like GigSalad, Thumbtack, and HireSanta allow you to search for professional Santas in your area. These platforms provide profiles, reviews, and ratings, making it easier to find a reputable performer.

Santa Claus Agencies

Specialized agencies that provide Santa Claus performers can be a reliable option. These agencies often vet their Santas, ensuring they have the necessary experience and professionalism.

Local Recommendations

Ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. Community centers, schools, and churches might also have connections to trustworthy Santas who have performed at local events.

Evaluate Potential Candidates

Experience and Reviews

Look for Santas with significant experience and positive reviews. Experienced Santas are likely to be more adept at handling various situations and engaging with different types of audiences.

Appearance and Authenticity

A great Santa should look the part. Check for:

  • Realistic Costume: A high-quality Santa suit, complete with boots, belt, and hat.
  • Authentic Beard: A real or very convincing fake beard.
  • Jolly Personality: A warm, friendly demeanor that can enchant children and adults alike.

Background Checks

Ensure the Santa has undergone a background check, especially if they will be interacting closely with children. This adds an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

Interview the Candidates

Ask the Right Questions

During the interview, ask questions that help you understand their experience and capabilities:

  • How many years have you been a professional Santa?
  • What types of events have you performed at?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • How do you handle nervous or scared children?
  • Are you willing to customize your performance based on our needs?

Assess Communication Skills

A good Santa should be an excellent communicator, able to engage with guests and manage various situations smoothly. Pay attention to their communication style and enthusiasm during the interview.

Check References

Contact Past Clients

Reach out to references provided by the Santa. Ask about their experience, the Santa’s punctuality, interaction with guests, and overall performance. This can give you valuable insights into what to expect.

Read Online Reviews

If the Santa has an online profile, read the reviews left by previous clients. Look for patterns in feedback to gauge reliability and quality.

Finalize the Contract

Clear Terms

Ensure all details are clearly outlined in a contract. This should include:

  • Date and Time: Confirm the exact date and time of the event.
  • Duration: Specify how long Santa will be required.
  • Payment Terms: Agree on the total fee and payment schedule.
  • Services Included: Detail the specific activities Santa will perform.

Cancellation Policy

Understand the cancellation policy in case either party needs to cancel or reschedule. This should be clearly stated in the contract.

Prepare for Santa’s Visit

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Set up a space that is well-decorated and comfortable for Santa’s visit. This could include:

  • A Santa Chair: A comfortable, festive chair for Santa to sit in.
  • Decorations: Christmas trees, lights, and other holiday decorations.
  • Photo Area: A well-lit area for taking pictures.

Inform Your Guests

Let your guests know that Santa will be attending and encourage them to prepare questions, lists, or letters for Santa. This can make interactions more engaging and fun.

Coordinate with Santa

Discuss the schedule and any special requests with Santa ahead of time. Ensure Santa knows the names of key guests, any specific gifts to distribute, or particular stories to share.

Capture the Magic

Photography and Videography

Hire a professional photographer or ensure someone is designated to take photos. Capturing these magical moments will provide cherished memories for years to come.

Interactive Activities

Encourage Santa to engage with guests through interactive activities like singing carols, playing games, or reading stories. This keeps the event lively and entertaining.


Hiring the best Santa Claus for your event involves careful planning and consideration. By defining your needs, thoroughly vetting candidates, and preparing adequately, you can ensure a magical and memorable experience for all attendees.