How Can A Good Shipping Service Benefit Your Business?

You want to grow your business with internet sales. But have you thought about the delivery service? This step is decisive in the success of an e-commerce strategy. Follow the leader!

Developing your e-commerce is good, thinking about delivery service is even better!

The 2017 “State of Ecommerce Delivery” study (1) clearly demonstrates that to win and retain customers, delivery is the determining factor. This will often be the criterion that will tip the intention towards an online purchase.

Do you doubt it? 54% of consumers say that the delivery service determines the choice of their preferred e-merchant. In addition, 39% say they will no longer buy from a site after a bad delivery experience. The logistics aspect is therefore a strategic subject for independent traders who have chosen to embark on e-commerce, a practice that is gaining ground.

The Delivery Service, Your Loyalty Asset

A study shows that e-retailers rely heavily on the quality of the delivery experience to build customer loyalty. Some people buy from china and transport and sell it in Germany. Shipping from China to Germany is not easy. Moreever, They are thus 25% to identify free shipping as the priority action to be taken.

This choice is not a coincidence because if free delivery affects the business, it seems to meet customer expectations. Indeed, according to another study, for 55% of respondents, the amount of delivery costs remains one of the main barriers to purchase.

What Strategy For Your Delivery Costs?

It is therefore necessary to define a smart strategy for your shipping costs. Several options are available to you:

Free shipping

Much appreciated by customers, free delivery although it is from Shipping from China to Germany generally applies to products with a large margin. Emphasise this argument in your communications, but be careful not to include this free in your prices. Indeed, the comparators do not take it into account and you could appear more expensive than your competitors.

Free from a threshold

The threshold is to be determined by you, depending on the number of items or the total purchase amount. This option has the advantage of increasing the average basket.

Fixed shipping costs

Functioning as a package, these fixed delivery costs are to be calculated by taking into account the average cost of your shipments. This simple and practical argument allows a good memorization of the offer.

Proportional shipping costs

The idea is to establish delivery costs calculated proportionally according to a criterion to be determined: weight, number of items, dimensions, etc.

Note: For express delivery, you can of course offer additional shipping costs. It will simply be necessary to distinguish them from the usual shipping costs.