Dubai Delights: A Luxurious Desert Gateway Awaits

People from the entire world come to visit this cosmopolitan city.  This city offers you with loads of entertaining activities. Dubai is famous for its stunning desert life. Are you fond of enjoying the stunning desert life in a luxurious way in dubai? Dubai offers you lots of amazing activities to make priceless memories. Luxury holidays Dubai offer you many chances to enjoy life with your loved ones.  Let’s dive into the luxurious desert life and its activities.

Desert Safari

This is the most stunning activity to do in Dubai and the best way to learn about Emirati culture. You can find plenty of things to do in the desert in dubai. You sit on a 4×4 vehicle to enjoy the desert safari. You can also see desert animals during your desert safari. After completing this safari you can have a scrumptious meal over there. So, Are you excited to spend the Luxury holidays Dubai?

Camel Ride and Henna Painting

After reaching the desert, you can enjoy a camel ride. This is an amazing option for family trips as children love to enjoy camel rides. This is the best way to enjoy the desert life in a relaxed way. This excursion reminds you of Bedouin culture as well. Apart from camel rides, you can also apply henna tattoos in the desert. This is a well-known activity to perform in the dubai desert.

Belly Dance

Do you want to entertain yourself and look for something in the desert? Look no further than belly dancing in the Dubai desert.  You can experience cultural dance performances in the evening. You can see the traditional Tanoura dance show over there to make your night beautiful. It reminds you of their traditional culture. So, are you ready to amuse yourself during  Luxury Holidays Dubai?

BBQ Dinner

After enjoying all the above-mentioned activities you can enjoy a scrumptious BBQ dinner in the desert. Eating at a Bedouin camp is indeed a luxurious thing to do in dubai. All these activities are included in your desert safari package you dont have to pay extra for this. Desert safari allows you to make your evenings memorable and you can enjoy luxurious activities.  Luxury Holidays Dubai is waiting for you for amazing things to do.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is another way to entertain yourself in the desert. You can create wonderful memories in the desert. You can rent a quad bike and you will be given instructions before this act. The experts lead you correctly and train you. In your package, two meals are included for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Luxury holidays dubai offers you to make your dreams true.


This is a fun activity to do in desert dubai. Professional teams guide you about performing this act. They provide you with the types of equipment you need to make your sandboarding convenient.

Hot Air Balloon

Do you want to enjoy breathtaking views of dubai by taking a hot air balloon? It is the best excursion to go desert with your family or friends. you can view dubai from a different perspective.  This is an experience that you can remember forever. And if you want to enjoy it in a more luxurious way you can go on a private air balloon where you and your partner can enjoy and make stunning memories.

Options to Stay in Dubai

Dubai is home to many luxury hotels and resorts where you can spend your luxury holidays dubai in a good way. Atlantis the Palm, and Rixos The Palm are well-known places to stay in dubai. Burj Al Arab hostel is also an amazing place to stay as it offers you helipads as well. It provides you ease to land if you come by helicopter. There are also many options to stay at Palm Jumeirah Island.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, luxury dubai holidays allow you to enjoy the luxurious desert life. During this trip, you can also go to other places but enjoying desert safari and watching belly dance and BBQ dinner makes your evenings amazing. So, dont miss this stunning opportunity if you get any time in your life.