Desi Glam Dairies ft. Pakistani Makeup Products Brands

Accept or deny, but makeup and makeup products have eventually become a major part of our society. Make knows no limits, no boundaries, and no genders. Men and women equally love to put on makeup and enhance their beauty. In this blog we are going to look at the trending makeup, best brands, and their products, prices. Some people like to keep it simple while some people like to keep it extra shiny, but both kinds of people use makeup. 

Makeup Products

Makeup products work as the most blissful instruments in Pakistan and with the help of some tips or tricks, anyone can master this skill. Mascara, eye liners, and kohl do wonders to eyes. These products can reshape your eyes instantly and give you elegant, unmatched beautiful looks in no time.

And do you know that you can totally change your complexion with the foundation? Interesting, right? Changing your skin tone for specific occasion and duration is now possible with the best foundations being offered by the top brands in Pakistan like Hemani Herbals, Mussarat Misbah and SL Basics.

Makeup Tends in Pakistan

Makeup tends to melt in summers and make patches due to dryness in Winters. But our national brands have made life easier with these makeup products and their online cosmetics store. These brands provide makeup that is specifically make for the Pakistani skin and weather. 

Herbal Eye Pencil - Pakistani majestic makeup brands

Let’s roll in the world of makeup and Pakistani majestic makeup brands and their products. Buckle up ladies and gentleman because now we are going on the journey of discovering the most enchanting. Finest, long-lasting, and pocket-friendly makeup brands and outlets in Pakistan. 

Hemani Herbal –  A House Of Belle

When the topic of discussion is best beauty products through online delivery, most economical prices, no side-effects, longevity, and wide range to choose from, how can we not consider Hemani Herbals? This brand is not just a makeup brand but also proves to be a complete skin-care and well-being brand in Pakistan. Sponsored and collaborated by many celebrities of Pakistan like Waseem Badami, Waseem Akram, Aijaz Aslam, Ayesha Omar, Nadia Hussain and many more. 

Most Selling Items

When we talk about their most selling makeup products. We have their long-lasting and smudge-proof best mascara that not only stays for 12 hours but also helps your lashes to grow naturally. These mascaras are make from the organic and finest material which makes them highly beneficial for your eyes so you know that you are not just glorifying your eyes but also improving your natural beauty. If you are someone who likes dark eye makeup with minimal effort for daily routine then you should grab Hemani Herbal’s latest collection of eye liners and kohl. Be sure that you are using the non-harmful products with best long lasting results.


If we talk about their price range, this brand is one of the most economical makeup brands of Pakistan. If you are looking for the best quality at minimal prices then none other than Hemani Herbals. The minimal price of a lipstick at Hemani Herbal starts from 600 PKR while you can get a long-lasting and best mascara for just 1200 PKR. 

online best mascara in Pakistan

Mussarat Misbah – An Icon Of English Rose

Are you someone who likes to keep it simple? Are you the kind of person who wants to look as natural as possible? Do you want to stay in your natural tone but with the best skin and glow? If your answer to all of these questions is YES then Mussarat Misbah’s beauty products for women are just right for you. 

About MM

She is known for her wide network of Depilex branches, smile again foundation for women who are the victims of domestic violence and skin clinics. She is as humble as her name is. Mussarat Misbah is the icon of Pakistani makeup industry and is known for her no-makeup palette. This palette is design for the Pakistani skin tone. This palette covers all the basic items for perfect skin like foundation, concealer, blush, eye makeup, and lip color.

best beauty products

Other than that, Musarrat Misbah offers a wide range of makeup items for every purpose. No matter if you need some bright colors for a more visible look or if you like to keep it dull with dark shades, this brand is your one stop destination for everything. Their foundation for every skin tone are the hot items and always restocking for their consumers. Their eye shadow palette contains the most alluring colors and shades. These palettes come in both, glossy and matte texture so you can pick one as per your needs and likes. 


This brand is a little expensive as compared to Hemani Herbals. Their most selling foundation that is design to help everyone starts from Rs. 5000 PKR while their best concealers from Rs. 3500 PKR. 

buy online best lipstick in Pakistan

SL Basic By Shahista Lodhi – a Brand of Femme Fatale

Shahista Lodhi is one renown host, actor, and doctor of Pakistan. She is known for her morning shows and skin care plus makeup brand, known as SL Basics. Like every other brand, the thing that makes SL Basic different is their cheeks and lips tints. Their lip and cheek tints are available in a wide range and come in many shades to suit every skin tone.


These tints cost around 1200 pkr to 1500 pkr each. 

Final Words

Desi makeup is not just limit to Pakistani fashion trends only. It is also highly adopt by British and European women. We have showcased the most selling and famous makeup brands in Pakistan for you. So what are you waiting for? Log on to their online cosmetic stores and shop now