Best Features You Must Look for When Buying an Outdoor Umbrella

Any outside area would benefit from having umbrellas. In addition to shielding us from the rain and sun, they can also enhance the beauty of the surrounding area. Outdoor umbrellas may create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance and even transform an ordinary outdoor space into something special.

By their very nature, outdoor umbrellas are larger and more robust than conventional umbrellas because they are made to endure the elements outside. Outdoor umbrella price in Kenya are very cheap and to fit any outdoor environment, they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Making an outside umbrella work in your favor is trickier, though, as the incorrect size, shape, or color might detract from the intended appearance.

Lift Features

The umbrella’s opening and closing are made possible by the lift mechanism. It is made up of a pulley system, a handle, and a frame. The framework that keeps the umbrella cloth in place is called the frame. The umbrella’s handle serves as the lever for opening and closing it. The handle and the frame are connected by a cable, which is made up of two gears.


Ventilation is an important feature that can make or break the user experience, despite the fact that it may seem counterintuitive to think about it while purchasing an outdoor umbrella. Because it promotes airflow around the umbrella and keeps the canopy cool, ventilation is crucial. Insufficient ventilation might cause the canopy to become too hot and uncomfortable to use.

Tilt Options

A feature on an umbrella called the tilt option lets the user change the canopy’s angle to shield the sun or other elements coming from a certain direction. The majority of outdoor umbrellas contain a locking mechanism that enables users to change the angle of the canopy. Outdoor umbrella price in kenya are very low you can easily purchase. This is often accomplished by turning a lever or knob close to the handle. In contrast, motorized umbrellas can be moved with the use of a switch or remote control.

Base Weight

To keep the umbrella steady and secure, the base must be weighted heavily enough. The weight of the base should be inversely correlated to the size of the umbrella, meaning that the base should be heavier the bigger the umbrella. The minimum base weight for small umbrellas is 20 pounds, and the minimum base weight for bigger umbrellas is 50 pounds.