Bedroom Rugs: Top Things to Consider


A bedroom rug may revolutionize your bedroom decor, whether you’re going for a modern, transitional, or traditional look. In terms of mood and aesthetics, you must determine at the beginning of your bedroom decorating process whether you want this room to be a refuge of calm and relaxation or a passionate, thrilling area. Once this is decided, you will need to make a number of practical decisions. Whatever your personality requires in terms of functionality and aesthetics, from modern bedroom rugs with abstract patterns to designer rugs with a refined feel, we recommend that you either start with the rug and build your bedroom design around it, or use the rug as the finishing touch to your design scheme. We’ve created a bedroom rug guide to help you decide what’s ideal for you!

Ideal size for a bedroom rug

If you have a large bedroom with a double or king-sized bed, you should choose a large rug for the bedroom. You can pick a beautiful rug for a queen-sized bed or for a king-sized bedroom. Ideally, the area rug bedroom would go beneath the bed and form a large border beyond, allowing you to step out of bed and onto the deep luscious pile of the rug. This requires a minimum of 24 inches/60 cm on either side of the bed. We recommend investing in a high-quality area rug for your bedroom, as you will notice the difference as you walk on it.

If having a large bedroom carpet half hidden beneath the bed seems like a waste, you can go with the more cost-effective option of placing two modest bedside rugs or two bedroom runners on each side of your bed. Our new Magic Stepping Stones Runner and Rainbow Runner have varied pile heights and the comfort of 100% New Zealand wool, making them the ideal bedside runners. The thickness of the rug makes for the ideal pleasant first step out of bed in the morning!

Rugs under beds in vivid and geometric designs, such as the vibrant shapes in our Rainbow Rug or the Prism vivid Rectangle, can help make small and single bedrooms appear larger.

Rugs may alter the tone of a bedroom

Bedrooms are places of comfort, style, and emotion. Area rugs in the bedroom can stylishly change the tone of your home. Use blue and green rugs in all their various varieties, like teal, navy, turquoise, or lime green, to create a cool and quiet atmosphere, especially if nature is your source of serenity. These colors are known for their relaxing properties and are thus a safe choice. However, if you prefer to be elegant rather than safe, attempt a pastel color combination. Cool-toned pastels, such as baby blue, lilac, and mint, provide a wonderfully relaxing effect.

Oranges, reds, and purples will help to create a warmer and more sensual atmosphere in your bedroom. Or a graphically expressive piece, such as our Kiss Rugs, with a striking design that exudes passion and anticipation from the moment you enter the room. You can also experiment with additional rich tones of warm orange and deep purple in the Rothko-inspired Deep Rug.

Rugs to make your bedroom cozy

If you enjoy the feel of a fluffy bedroom area rug or want to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, a silk rug is an excellent choice. The bedroom is one spot where you won’t have to worry about foot traffic, so it’s the perfect place to go all out and prioritize comfort and style. Our Limited Edition Silk Jewel bedroom carpet is the pinnacle of bedroom rugs. So much so that it is influenced by the shape of a cut gemstone! This would look great as a centerpiece in a bedroom, beneath a dressing table, or around a double bed.

Handmade carpets can add an added layer of coziness. Owning an artisan-made piece, handcrafted with the knowledge and care of centuries of history, has a particular beauty all its own. It is also critical (especially for us!) to understand that purchasing a rug helps to preserve traditional weaving communities, supports local crafts, and improves working conditions.

We also recommend utilizing natural fiber carpets like wool or silk. The bedroom is the place that demands it the most, as natural fiber provides the softest underfoot feel while also being kind on human flesh.

Kids’ bedroom rugs

Rugs for children’s rooms are becoming increasingly popular among design professionals and those who understand child psychology. Many studies have found that bright and brilliant colors motivate youngsters to learn. Adding a vivid rug to a child’s bedroom is a simple and efficient approach to provide excitement. Our Bubbles Rug has been very popular in children’s bedrooms and playrooms. The intensity and depth of color make this a fantastic piece for encouraging learning and interaction.

Rugs for a girl’s bedroom: For a vibrant, dynamic personality, consider the After Matisse Rug or the Magic Stepping Stones Runner. Both sculptures are beautifully coloured displays of energy and passion. If you want to decorate in a more delicately feminine style, try the delicate mix of pastels in the Prism Pastels Rug or the exquisite pink and aqua in the Jewel Sky Rose Rug.

The Bubbles Rug is a must-have for every boy’s bedroom. It combines green and blue with brilliant orange and purple to create a lively yet fashionable look. This piece is appropriate for a boy’s room because it is both visually fascinating and intellectually demanding, which is the right combination for a developing mind and senses. If the Bubbles Rug is too adventurous for you, choose a more subdued but still intriguing piece like the geometric Kaleidoscope Rug or the After Albers Cornflower, which features playful layering of blues and greens.