Are you a small business owner seeking a better phone Solution?

With our AI-powered collaboration platform, you can contact people, host video conferences, send SMS and MMS, and communicate with teams all from one wonderful app. Try it out and receive a virtual number in a matter of minutes absolutely free! Our Small business VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is essentially a phone system that enables small teams and businesses to place and receive voice calls and SMS/MMS text messages over the internet using a desktop application or mobile device like your dependable cell phone or tablet instead of through a traditional landline or analog desk phone.

Modern VoIP phone systems are more advanced and are platforms or providers of true unified communications

This indicates that these platforms offer team messaging and video conferencing as extra communication channels in addition to enabling VoIP calls. Because more and more clients are contacting small businesses via these other channels in addition to phone calls, this type of unified platform is frequently more practical and cheaper than a traditional business VoIP phone service.

With our business voip providers adelaide user-friendly platform, you can manage all of your conversations with both internal and external parties. You may make phone calls, hold video conferences, send SMS/MMS text messages, and more from the desktop or mobile apps. If you have a support, sales, or other call center team using contact center platform, your agents can take incoming calls and messages. Moreover, it is completely integrated, enabling agents to manage calls, handle internal discussions with teammates, and handle external communications in a single app on your phone. You may quickly and simply manage all of your daily account settings from your web dashboard. You can change your choices for call waiting or hold music, add a new business phone number, and more without the help of IT.