Some Basic Things Which Require Cardboard Boxes For Shipping

We all require cardboard boxes for various reasons. However, there are two main reasons for which we require the cardboard boxes the most, one is for storing the items and the other is for shipping the items. These days eCommerce businesses are becoming a trend in every corner of the world, therefore, the frequency for shipping the items has increased than before. And for this, having a good quality cardboard box is a must so that it not just protects your items from all possible damage, but also promotes your brand among the potential customers. Whenever you are looking for “cardboard boxes near me”, make sure that the boxes come with some basic characters which are beneficial for everybody. For instance, the boxes are strong, sturdy, robust, rigid and durable so that the items remain safe from all potential damage and external forces. Similarly the boxes should be versatil, flexible, customisable and available in different shapes and sizes so that you can not just pack all kinds of items in them, but the boxes can help you in gaining profit by promoting your brand. Most importantly, the boxes should be sustainable and eco-friendly. They must be made up of recyclable and reusable raw materials and must in turn be recyclable, reusable, compostable, biodegradable and so on. This will protect the environment from pollution, excessive garbage waste, reduce the carbon footprint and further depletion and will also make the soil fertile enough to grow more crops and plants.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the basic things which require cardboard boxes for shipping. You can get these boxes from your nearby stores or from different websites. Packaging Midlands is one of the online packaging companies in the UK which provides you with a wide range of packaging supplies, which also include different varieties of cardboard packaging boxes for different items. Let us now have a look at some of the basic items which require cardboard boxes for shipping and transit.


Books are some of the basic things which are packed in the cardboard boxes for shipping and transit. If they are shipping the books in bulk, then a large size cardboard box or a medium size cardboard box or a small size cardboard box, depending upon the number of books that are being packed. For a single book, a special kind of cardboard box is used. It is either called the envelope box, or cardboard postal or postage box. These boxes keep the books safe from all possible damage, such as from tearing, bending, water, temperature, moisture and so on. Even these days envelope packaging boxes or cardboard postage boxes are coming with a layer of bubble wrap sheet attached inside them. This means that you do not need to purchase bubble wrap sheets additionally to wrap the books before packing them inside the boxes. The boxes with bubble wrap sheets attached to them provide extra cushioning and padding to these books and they remain safe from all the external forces which may cause them damage till they reach their destination.


Clothes are other basic items which require cardboard boxes for shipping and transit. Clothes are made up of different fabrics which are unique, valuable and premium in their own ways. Therefore, while shipping these clothes, it is ensured that they are completely safe inside the boxes. If necessary, additional layers of packaging, such as bubble wrap sheets, foam sheets, kraft paper sheets and so on are used which provide them with cushioning and padding. Moreover, the strong and durable cardboard boxes protect these clothes from dust, dirt, UV rays, moisture, temperature and so on which may damage the clothes, if they get exposed. Also the boxes, because of their durability and strength, protect the clothes from wear and tear as well. Moreover, you can customise these boxes and give them different colours, print your brand logo and provide an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers.

Electronic devices and gadgets

Last but not the least, electronic devices and gadgets are some other basic items which require strong, rigid and durable cardboard boxes. These boxes are so strong that starting from large devices, television and refrigerators to small devices like phones and keyboards, you can pack different kinds of electronics and gadgets in these boxes and ship them to different destinations safely. For extra protection, you can also use anti-static bubble wrap sheets which protect these devices from the damage caused due to the release of static electricity. You can also customise and print your logo on these boxes to enhance your brand identity. Apple is the best example of designing simple yet attractive packaging boxes. Do not forget to use a strong vibac tape to seal these boxes.