Questions To Ask Your Office Cleaning Service Provider

It is a fact that the success of your business depends on appearances. When visiting your workplace, clients and customers expect to be welcomed in a clean and hygienic environment. It will be the first impression to make in your workplace. This is why you must hire Office cleaning services Melbourne to keep your company’s facilities well-maintained. But, before investing, here are the questions to ask the service provider.

What are the services they offer?

The foremost thing you need to ask is what cleaning services the company offers. Ask for the service details, and it makes sure it includes deep cleaning, sanitizing services, upholstery cleaning, advanced vacuuming, floor cleaning and others.

What are the costs of their cleaning services?

Once you understand the cleaning services they offer, the next thing is to ask about their service charges. It is better if they have service packages that include complete cleaning services. Professional Office cleaning services Melbourne also offers affordable services with advanced cleaning aids. Do not go for cheaper service options because they may not meet your expectations.

What is their cleaning service schedule?

Another important question to ask is about their service scheduling. Some services take place at night after regular office time. At the same time, some prefer to provide their cleaning schedules before the office begins. Prefer a schedule that meets your official timings.

Are their cleaning services insured?

Accidents can occur when cleaning, which can lead to property damage. Dealing with machinery can be dangerous too. This is why Office cleaning services Melbourne should be insured. Ask for verification of their insurance policy before proceeding to hire.

These questions should not be skipped and must be discussed in detail during the consultation with the service provider. This ensures that you are investing in the right cleaning service for your office.

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