How to Get Started with Fantasy Cricket Games in India

Fantasy cricket gaming is one of the fastest-growing online activities in India. With millions of cricket fans looking for an engaging way to be involved in the game beyond watching matches, fantasy cricket platforms have seen explosive growth. If you’re an avid cricket lover looking to get started in the exciting world of fantasy cricket, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get started with fantasy cricket games by exploring top Indian online fantasy sites like Wolf777 and live cricket gaming.

What are Fantasy Cricket Games?

Fantasy cricket allows fans to assemble virtual teams of real cricket players and score points based on how those cricketers perform in actual matches. Participants can join cash leagues with friends, compete against others worldwide, and win exciting prizes. It’s a fun way for fans to test their cricket knowledge and stay engaged even when not watching matches live.

Popular Types of Fantasy Cricket Games

There are different types of fantasy cricket games to choose from:

  • Dream 11: The most popular format involves creating a squad of cricketers within a given budget and scoring points based on player stats like runs, wickets, catches, etc. in actual matches.
  • Super 6s: Participants predict the team and players who will hit the most 6s in upcoming games to earn points. It’s a fast-paced format suitable for T20 leagues.
  • Fantasy Cricket Live: Games allow restructuring teams between overs or sessions based on live match performance for enhanced excitement.
  • Prediction Games: Fans forecast the results of matches and individual performances in advance for online points.

Top 3 Indian Fantasy Cricket Sites

Here are some of the best Indian online fantasy sites to consider:

  1. Wolf777: One of the pioneers and leaders in the online fantasy sports domain in India. They offer the widest range of formats including Dream11, prediction games, private leagues, and more. Wolf777’s user-friendly interface and secure transactions make it very beginner-friendly.
  2. Dream11: The fantastically popular Dream11 format is the gateway for many new users. With big tournaments, it offers large tournament prizes as well. However, their interface can be slightly complex for newcomers.
  3. MyTeam11: A simpler site for breaking into fantasy sports. They offer small contests suitable for newcomers to start with lower stakes as confidence builds up. MyTeam11 is the best to learn the ropes of fantasy cricket.

What Devices to Use for Playing Online Fantasy Cricket in India?

Fantasy cricket games are best enjoyed on the move via mobile apps:

  • Android/iOS Apps: All major platforms have dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices for easy access on smartphones and tablets. Apps are updated with the latest features and offer seamless play even without the internet.
  • Desktop Site: While many use apps, the option remains to access fantasy sites through desktop and laptop browsers for a large-screen experience. Participant account details and progress sync across all devices.

Getting Started with Fantasy Cricket Games

Here’s a step-by-step guide to start your fantasy cricket gaming journey:

  1. Choose a Platform: Pick from top Indian sites like Wolf777 based on your needs. Wolf777 is ideal for variety and user experience.
  2. User Registration: Sign up with your email/mobile number and verify details. Provide basic KYC as required.
  3. Deposit Funds: Make your first deposit through easy payment options to add credits to your account.
  4. Select a Contest: There are various match-specific and league contests across formats to suit your schedule.
  5. Build your Virtual Team: Study player performances and statistics to draft your ideal XI within the credit limit.
  6. Track your Team: Follow live scores of selected players and your running points tally via the platform.
  7. Strategize for the Next Game: Analyze where you fared well or not. Tweak your strategy and team selection for upcoming contests.
  8. Withdraw Winnings: Cash out your earnings and bonuses as per platform rules. Most have a weekly payout.
  9. refer and get Rewards: Platforms like Wolf777 offer inviting friends & getting referred. Grow your earnings exponentially via the referral program.

Playing Fantasy Cricket: FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about fantasy cricket games:

Q. How do I earn points?
A: Points are awarded based on actual on-field performances – runs scored, wickets taken, catches, etc. per the contest format rules.

Q. Is prior experience needed?
A: Not at all. Sites like Wolf777 are perfect for beginners to learn the basics through easy tutorials and support. Students and professionals both enjoy it casually.

Q. How many games can I play?
A: You can join unlimited matches across various formats on a single platform like Wolf777. Simply select contests as per your schedule and interest level.

Q. Are these games legal?
A: Yes, fantasy games in India involving no wagering or betting are completely legal as per guidelines. It is a game of skill where players showcase their cricket knowledge.

How Fantasy Games are Revolutionizing Cricket Viewership

Fantasy cricket has succeeded in engaging millions of fans beyond passive television watching into interactive online communities. It has turbocharged viewership for even domestic and franchise cricket leagues. Online platforms provide education on the nitty-gritty of the game while enabling fans to test strategies, earn recognition, and compete for prizes amongst friends. The format has revolutionized how fans experience and follow the sport, keeping them invested throughout a match’s duration instead of just highlights. Its forecasted growth will play a pivotal role in strengthening grassroots to international cricket structures in India.

Taking Your Fantasy Cricket Game to the Next Level with Wolf777

If you’ve gotten the basics of fantasy cricket down, it’s time to level up your game. As one of India’s pioneering platforms, Wolf777 offers the most immersive fantasy sports experience around. Some standout features include highly customizable private leagues with friends, a wide spectrum of match formats beyond just 11-player teams, detailed stat trackers, and more. Sign up on their user-friendly website or app today to experience cutting-edge features only Wolf777 provides. Try different strategies, connect with other enthusiasts, and maximize your winnings by playing fantasy cricket on their secure platform.

In Conclusion

Fantasy cricket has truly revolutionized how fans engage with the game in India. Platforms like Wolf777 are making participation fun and rewarding for all experience levels. If you’re a cricket enthusiast wanting an interactive way to stay involved beyond watching matches, fantasy gaming provides unlimited thrills. All it takes is registering on any reputed site, learning the basics, and building your first dream team. Start your fantasy cricket journey now – the world of virtual team sports is calling!