Allow custom deck secrets to transform your backyard into something entirely new

Following within the wake of the brand-new Titleist 910 drivers, the 910 fairway metals and hybrids have the same technology incorporating the SureFitTM Tour Hosel, that permits accuracy fitting that was lately been witnessed on Tour Vans. Golfers can set loft and lie separately using the special SFT dual-angle hosel to improve ball flight – higher or lower, and for more draw or fade to increase distance and shot control.


Along with four choices, the SFT hosel features a sleeve and a ring. The ring settings are typically lettered A, B, C, D; the sleeve settings are really 1, 2, 3, 4. There are sixteen blends here that each produce a unique loft and lie combination.

Right-handed golfers usually work in A•1 (indicated in red throughout the chart). Use the black arrows as a sort of secret to change the hosel setting until the desired ball flight is usually reached.

Other notable features include a rapid Custom Deck Secrets with sophisticated launch and rewrite face map gradient with more distance potential and a larger maximum ball speed area.

• A lower and heavier CG for better balance and distance emerges from a sleek, steep, ultra-thin crown design coupled with an on-axis back weight screw.

• A black PVD and also paint complete with whitened scorelines offers an attractive, solid set-up appearance, to go together with an acoustically-engineered hot, sound will bark the club face.

• Three emphasise the good performance stock shaft options.

improved special Diamana shafts with three different weight and bend profiles to fix a wide spectrum of participants and with Next Generation Diamana MDI (multi-dimensional interlay) technology. To bend and swing speed, all these shafts can also be torque coordinated.

Tour-proven Aldila RIP and Project X Tour Issue X-7C3 shafts round out the stock shaft line-up. The unique shaft matrix will also provide you access to 83 different shafts.

Titleist 910 Fairway Wood

Purchase a Titleist 910F Fairway Wood. Right currently!
The Titleist 910F has good performance weighting and a thin crown to produce a lower and strong CG for simpler launch from the grass. Features Titleist’s trademarked, SureFitTM Tour, dual-angle hosel technology for exact, independent loft and lie adjustments in fine-tune ball flight.

Features and advantages of Custom Deck Secrets

To maximise ball flight—greater or less, then for much more draw or fade—a technologically advanced head design and unique, progressive, dual-angle SFT hosel technology allows you to set loft and lie individually. Enhanced suitable alternatives come from compatible shaft connections and rear weight screws.

Multiple stock and custom shaft options allow the shaft to get fit for ideal ball speed and also desired feel. This offers a better general match in line with the correct SFT setting.

Design and fashion of Custom Deck Secrets

Conventional looks to be with a small, high performance head with a plentiful, black PVD and paint finish that promotes self-confidence at address. The Titleist 910F fairway club is undoubtedly indicated by this.

It also acoustically produced for a hot, sound and feel.

Titleish 910FD Fairway Wood With the tee in comparison to a standard fairway metal, the Titleist 910Fd shows improved range and control with its larger volume head design. More confidence is inspired by a further face and larger striking location that will help one to strike the green more regularly.

What therefore distinguishes the F from the Fd most importantly? The newest 910 fairway line comes out of direct suggestions from the tour and serious golf player target audience. Many players want and need a versatile, around fairway metal that runs extremely well in many various lie and also turf conditions. The brand-new 910F is simply this kind of club.

Several players hit their fairway metal much more from your tee compared to turf that led straight to the design of the Fd. The modern 910 Fd using its greater, deeper facepresents improved performance and stability from the tee, but additionally works well off the deck.

Order Titleist 910H Hybrid Today!

The 910H Hybrids from Titleist certainly are a flexible, intensifying family of hybrids built to perform in a wide array of turf problems. With acompletely redesigned head, the 910H provides increased launch with less spin for increased control and regularity. Furthermore, these types of hybrids feature the new, SureFit™ Tour dual-angle hosel technology for independent loft and liadjustments as with the fairway woods.

Features & Advantages The top profile, offset and CG locations transition properly over the lofts to produce the optimum flight and also rewrite for each model.

A larger head compared to 909 with an optimized weight distribution gives a increased moment of inertia for increased manage.

Confidence Inspiring Shape – A complete profile with a much more square-shaped toe helps position. Strong Appear and Feel – Acoustically engineered for a hot, solid sound and feel.


You won’t see the word “ghost” anywhere close to these types of golf clubs and also don’t anticipate Tour staff to go head-to-toe white this year to advertise these bad kids. It’s all shades of black with extremely little contrast, specially at address.

On the Course

Titleist is constantly on the push the envelope in terms of giving gamers, both professionals and new comers, together with devices that offers complete effectiveness along with a precision fit. SureFit Tour introduces a new degree of precision to metals fitting and the product is intuitive and easy to make use of once a fitter is properlywell-informed.

A trained fitter is suggested who are able to discover the setting that genuinely maximizes ball flight for you and will allow you to get the most from these fairway alloys for the course. And looking beyond the specialised features,Titleist has once more presented a slee regular, naughty, assurance inspiring design that is a pleasure to look at in the bag as well as in the hands.