A Mesmerizing Experience at Varanasi Tour


Discover Varanasi’s sacred culture and history on this guided tour. With accommodations and some meals included, this is a great way for travelers with limited time to explore India’s spiritual capital with a Varanasi tour package. Take a walking tour through the city’s narrow streets and visit many of its Hindu temples and ashrams. Observe the Ganga Aarti ceremony, where priests offer prayers to the river’s namesake goddess while reciting mantras and performing percussion with bells and drums. Visit the Sarnath site, where Buddha delivered his first sermon, and witness the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered one of the most important religious sites in India.  

Things to Explore on the Varanasi Tour  

It is a city of incense-scented smoke and of wavering light from thousands of oil lamps. Of funeral pyres and secretive tantric temples, of sacred pools and ghats with names like “the one who swallows water,” and of shrines for so many gods that there’s a ghat for every day of the year. It is a place that has the power to move your soul and to make you feel like you’ve been let into a secret world where the past, present, and future all converge in a magic that makes no sense at all.  

The Varanasi tour package includes the experience of a morning ritual in Varanasi on this private excursion, including a sunrise boat ride along the Ganges River. Observe the daily prayers and rituals that take place at various ghats, including Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika, and Assi.  

You’ll explore the best of Varanasi with the Varanasi tour package. Meet your guide and take a tour of the Old City to learn about Hindu traditions, visit the famous temples and ghats on the banks of the holy Ganges River, observe silk weavers at work, and visit Sarnath. You’ll also take a cruise along the Ganges and witness an evening Ganga Aarti ceremony, a prayer ritual in which Hindu priests recite mantras and perform music accompanied by bells, drums, and cymbals to offer offerings to the river goddess.  

Wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise over Varanasi’s horizon and be mesmerized by the beauty of its colorful old buildings, ghats, and ashrams as the first rays of sunlight hit them. Then, go for a guided walk through the narrow alleys of the city with your guide, hear untold stories about Varanasi’s history, and sample local street foods that will help you stay full without overindulging. This Varanasi tour package has more to explore in your sacred city, Kashi.  


Varanasi has a lot to explore and enjoy. If you are thinking of a sacred tour, then Varanasi should be your priority. The Varanasi tour is specialized to see the most important ghats and temples of Varanasi. With front-row views of the aarti ceremony at Dasaswamedh Ghat and a visit to the Kashi Vishwanath temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva), this is a great way to get a true taste of this sacred city. I hope you will enjoy your trip with the Kashi tour package.